If you can not find it, try looking at the back of the router to see if it has the login URL. If you have a Mac, you can open the terminal and type “netstat -nr | grep ^default” (without the quotes) to find the network gateway IP address:

Jun 16, 2020 · Alternatively, find the local IP address of the router in Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems by verifying the default gateway address. More Information on IP Addresses The public IP address of a home network changes periodically because the ISP assigns dynamic addresses to most customers. Sep 15, 2011 · Find the gateway address next to “Router:” in the format of an IP address, like so: x.x.x.x In the example screenshot above, the gateway address is – this is on a wireless Mac connected to that router, so the gateway to the internet is that piece of hardware, meaning it has the exact same IP as the wi-fi router. You can issue tracert from your PC and find out the next hop IP address, that would be your next hop (gateway IP address) IP address, after that, issue command arp -a, and see that IP address mapped to which MAC address and that MAC address is the next hop (gateway). Following is just for example. Select the TCP/IP tab and find your gateway IP address listed next to Router. Using Terminal. Click the Spotlight icon (at the top right of the screen). Type Terminal and hit Enter when it appears. Type the following command netstat -nr | grep default in the Terminal application. Find your gateway IP address listed next to Default. Checking the local IP address of your Linksys gateway is useful when: Accessing the gateway’s web-based setup page; Assigning a static IP address on a computer to determine what IP range and Default Gateway to assign to the computer. To find the local IP address of a Linksys gateway, you need to perform three (3) steps:

To find its local router the computer needs a so-called Default Gateway, sometimes simply called a Gateway. A Default Gateway is always a router that can connect to more than one IP network and can route traffic between those IP networks. The router will have its own IP address on each IP network that it connects to.

How to Find Your External IP WAN Address - Fix Computer The IP address refers to the address that was issued by the router on your internal network (more of that in another post) while the default gateway address will generally be the router’s internal IP address. As shown in the image above, the default gateway address is (your default gateway, router ip address might differs). For How to Find Router IP Address in Windows 10 On the next screen, scroll down to details of your active network (Ethernet or Wireless) and you will see the IP Address of your Router listed next to “Default gateway:”. Once you know the Router IP Address, you will be able to Login to your Router by typing the Router IP address in Chrome or any other web browser. 3. Find Router IP Address

Easy way is to find out using the ipconfig command in WIndows' Command Prompt, or System Preferences on OS X. What you are looking for in WIndows is the Default Gateway value. In OS X, you will see either Gateway or Router, with an IP Address listed. That IP should be your router.

Jul 23, 2018 · You will see the IP address next to IPv4 Default gateway. How to find the router IP address on Mac OS X. To find the router IP address on Mac, you can use one of the following methods: Method 1. Go to Utilities > Terminal; When the screen opens type the following: netstat -nr | grep default Internet IP Address – The router’s local IP address as seen from the Internet. Subnet Mask – The router’s local subnet mask. Default Gateway – The gateway used by the router. Static DNS (Domain Name Server) 1 – The IP address of the first DNS server. Static DNS 2 – The IP address of the second DNS server. DNS 3 – Blank. DDNS