The Internet Society believes that people deserve to have their rights protected on the Internet as well as offline. We believe in the power of the Internet to bring all of us closer together. Whether people use the Internet to create powerful apps, find information, buy and sell things, or even just stay in touch with their family and friends — it’s important we all have the freedom to do

A Human Right: Everyone Connected Billions of people can't access the Internet. A Human Right is ensuring that everyone can get online. × Note: A Human Right discontinued its work in 2016. Several projects live on through various partnerships. This website remains to honor our longstanding commitment to Internet for all. Thanks to all who supported us over the years. The Argument for Access to the Internet as a Human Right Feb 25, 2019 Is The Internet A Right Or A Privilege? - Seeker

Jul 05, 2016

The Human Rights Watch has also stated that, "reliable and unfettered access to the internet be maintained and steps should be taken to ensure internet access be available to … Some say Internet access is a human right. What happens Richard Forno, assistant director of the University of Maryland Baltimore County center for cybersecurity, disapproves of India’s actions but questions whether Internet access is a human right just because it is a convenient resource used by a lot of people. “That’s like saying having a television and 100 channels is a human right,” he COVID-19 exposes why access to the internet is a human right

Why internet access has become a human right | The Independent

COVID-19 exposes why access to the internet is a human right