Dec 27, 2019

encryption - How secure is FaceTime by Apple - Information The cryptographic nonces supplied by each device are combined to salt keys for each of the media channels, which are streamed via Secure Real Time Protocol (SRTP) using AES-256 encryption. How secure is FaceTime and is it really impossible to decrypt/access/listen calls and video? iMessage and FaceTime & Privacy - Apple Support Dec 27, 2019 [Update: Zoom fixes and new options] 10 Zoom alternatives May 14, 2020 Zoom Alternatives: 5 Options For People Who Care About

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iMessage and FaceTime & Privacy - Apple Support

Feb 01, 2019 5 Best Kid Friendly Video Chat App To Keep Them Safe Oct 11, 2018 3 Zoom alternatives to protect your privacy on video calls You can use FaceTime on an iOS device or macOS device, and an audio-only option is available. Despite a well-publicized bug last year, in general this is a private and secure way to video chat Apple Fixes FaceTime Bug That Let Hackers Listen In