The df command is a built-in utility for displaying disk space information and comes pre-equipped with almost every Linux and Unix-like systems. The ability to use df Unix commands will help you visualize your Linux storages more accurately and increase productivity by some factor. Practical Examples of Linux df Commands

The Linux command line for beginner | Ubuntu For instructions targeting Ubuntu, a common appearance of sudo is to install new software onto your system using the apt or apt-get commands. If the instructions require you to first add a new software repository to your system, using the apt-add-repository command, by editing files in /etc/apt , or by using a “PPA” (Personal Package 20 Basic Ubuntu commands and Terminal shortcuts every Jan 31, 2020

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@jarno dist-upgrade can remove packages. Using upgrade first may avoid this, such as when new package versions satisfy dependencies more easily than old ones. I don't know how often this helps when upgrading packages within a stable release of Ubuntu, but it's recommended in some other contexts.Personally, I rarely use dist-upgrade in Ubuntu, and when I do, I never pass -y. A Beginners Guide to using apt-get commands in Linux(Ubuntu)

How to Install and Configure Wine in Ubuntu – Linux Hint

Nov 14, 2019 A guide to Ubuntu Linux Terminal Commands for your Dell PC Jun 26, 2020