Apr 09, 2015

Applies to the following Sophos products and versions Sophos UTM . What to do Web Filtering Exceptions. Exceptions allow you to globally bypass selected web protection functions, such as authentication, or anti-virus scanning. It is possible to add an exception based on an IP address, but only when the URL is accessed via IP address. Web Filtering - Web Protection: Web Filtering Web Filtering Changes As of the 9.2 release, Sophos UTM includes a new simplified interface for creating and managing your web filtering policies. While the interface has changed considerably, functionality has not changed. All of your existing settings have been preserved and if you make no changes the system will behave in the exact same way. Sophos UTM Web Protection URL Filtering Test Site

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Enable the HTTPS/SSL Inspection Feature on Sophos UTM. SSL Inspection is configured on Sophos UTM using web filter profiles. This gives you the flexibility to deploy it for different devices and user groups. For this article, we will apply SSL Inspection to the default Web Filtering profile.

Nov 26, 2014 · Sophos UTM Global Web Filtering. Domain joined Windows and Apple Mac OSX machines should now be able to use the proxy without being queried for credentials. You can verify this by checking the Live Log. Look for the user= field. Sophos UTM Web Filter Live Log. Step 6. Reporting on Authenticated Users in Sophos UTM

An exercise in frustration: Setting up Web Filtering on Overall, Sophos is a great platform. And part of what adds to that greatness is the web filtering options. By default, it gives a bunch of options that can be filtered out by default. However, most of these are suited for a business setting, but it definitely works well of the home environment.