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Cubieboard manufacturer website . Armhf Debian architecture. Debian prepared armhf based Debian image build and installation guide from the Sunxi wiki . Cubieboard main page on the Sunxi wiki . Sunxi patched kernel. An unofficial Debian Based Cubieboard Image. Ongoing efforts to include Allwinner support in the mainline Linux kernel Note: We have a new version Cubieboard A20 instead of Cubieboard. Cubieboard A20 Cubieboard is mini pc development board, which is based on Allwinner A10 SoC, small size (10x6cm), hacker friendly, extendable and very low-cost. Compare with Raspberry Pi, it has higher performance, SATA supported and 96 extended inte Mplayer has well support for LIRC, but we still need do some work to make it functional like a music box. We intend to make mplayer scan some specified directory (on Cubieboard or network-sharing directory), picking out those supported music files, like ape, flac, mp3, ogg etc., and play them in a shuffle way. Here goes the shell code snippet. If you plan to assemble a small computer, you can try using this small ARM platform cubieboard. It supports Ubuntu and other Linux distributions; you could use it like an ordinary computer operation. At the same time, the platform also supports Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich system and has bulit-in IR sensor, can be used as "Android TV". On your Cubieboard, change to user git, change to the repositories folder and you should see the new empty repository awesome-app.git: sudo su git cd /home/git/repositories ls -la Change to the awesome-app.git directory and import your code from your remote server: In recent years, computing terminals have expanded exponentially from desktop to portable handheld devices. We have witnessed the rapid development of these devices.the size is more small but the performance is more powerful,Without doubt,the cubieboard4(CC-A80) belongs to these delightful open source MINI desktop computer,it own a 28nm Octa -core cpu. Find great deals on eBay for cubieboard 5. Shop with confidence.

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Sep 09, 2012

Big promotion for cubieboard: orange pi zero board pi allwinner board arm single board raspberry to sata board pc a7 cortex sata for raspberry pi mini pc Low price for cubieboard: 3 pi a20 board banana pi m2 berry 4g pi orangepi mini pc with sata arm board android pi single board computer x86 Discount for cheap cubieboard: 10 inch raspberry pi The Cubieboard Fedora Remix, produced and maintained by Tekkaman Ninja, is a Fedora-based Linux distribution that runs on the low-cost ($49) system-on-a-chip (Allwinner A10 or sun4i) known as the Cubieboard (Cubie). This distribution consists of software packages from the Fedora ARM project (armv7hl architecture), a custom kernel, and a small Cubieboard is a single-board computer, made in Zhuhai, Guangdong, China.The first short run of prototype boards were sold internationally in September 2012, and the production version started to be sold in October 2012. Find great deals on eBay for cubieboard. Shop with confidence. Cubieboard3 is the 3rd generation product of Cubieboard series from Cubietech Limited. CubieBoard is open source hardware which targets Developer, Geek, Maker…It’s a new PCB model adopted with Allwinner A20 main chip just like Cubieboard2. Cubietech Limited was founded in 2012. They supply high-performance and affordable software and hardware platforms.. Cubietech continues to embrace the open-source culture, bringing more cost-effective mini computer's to both hobbyists and industry.