Sep 26, 2012 · Hi, I had a working Azure VPN with TMG which I disabled to setup one between Azure and Juniper SRX100B. The filled script is pasted below for your reference. The Azure VPN has

Office of Information Technology - Remote Access - Juniper • To start an application using the Windows Secure Application Manager: • On the Juniper home page, click the Start button next to the Windows Secure Application Manager entry in the Client Application Sessions panel. The Secure Application Manager window launches and you'll see a Blue icon in the system tray. • Once WSAM is running you Juniper Networks Secure Application Manager – Nub8 Networking Jun 01, 2019 Windows Secure Application Manager Disconnected - Pulse

Jun 01, 2019 · Juniper Networks Secure Application Manager is a program developed by Juniper Networks. It provides tools that enables robust, clean, secure, application-level remote access to enterprise servers from the Juniper Networks client program.

The Junos Pulse product line is now owned, operated and supported by Pulse Secure, LLC. As of July 31, 2015, all customer facing systems and services have been transitioned to Pulse Secure. JTAC engineers supporting the Junos Pulse product line have also moved to Pulse Secure and will continue to support customers globally. vSRX will never get support for dynamic vpn. This is limited to SRX100, SRX200 and SRX300 series together with SRX550 and SRX650. It's replacement is called "Remote access VPN client". There are also two concurrent connections included The Juniper KB page for Secure Manager lists it as requiring java 1.5 I have seen some other posts regarding copying over java 1.5 from a Leopard backup but I'm a bit hesitant to try that, not sure what other problems that could cause. I plan to have the network support guy at work contact Juniper to see if there is a workaround .

The client is Service Application Manager v8.1.6.39491. I am intiating the VPN connection via IE11. If it helps, the general process is that I login into an online office portal, following successful login WSAM launches automatically. If connection is successful, then I just click on a link that takes me to the server via citrix.

Application Note : Configuring Dynamic VPN - Juniper Networks