I have a Cisco 7206 (non-VXR) with an NPE-225. It has a PA-T3 card with a DS3 plugged in serving as our WAN port and a PA-FE-TX linking to another router that serves as our core router. The T3/Serial interface has a VPN endpoint configured and it is connected to a remote site that we use for off-site backups.

Router-switch.com buy & sell CISCO7206VXR router, New Refurbished Used CISCO7206VXR Cisco Router CISCO7206VXR price, 50%-98% OFF Global Price List. Cisco 7206VXR, 6-slot chassis, 1 AC Supply w/IP Software Cisco 7200 Router 7206VXRG2/2+VPNK9 Overview. This Cisco 7206 VXR VPN bundle provide best-in-class VPN services by combining exceptional modularity and scalability of the Cisco 7200 VXR , an unparalleled number of high-touch IP services of Cisco IOS Software network services, and high-performance hardware-assisted encryption and compression of the VPN Acceleration Module (VAM). The 2-port Built-In Switch 10/100 interface of this Cisco 7206 VXR Wired router enables quick and easy transfer of data. With its wire-speed throughput and various network services, this device ensures performance and reliability. In addition, the router has dimensions of 5.24 inches height, 16.82 inches width, and weighs 50 lbs. Cisco C-6500 Cisco 1750 Cisco 7206 Cisco 3640 Cisco 3660 D-Link PC D-Link 704 Linksys Cisco VPN Client Softphone 1 Cisco VPN Client Softphone 2 PC Cisco VPN Client Softphone 3 Cisco VPN Client Sofftphone 4 W AN: WAN: Main Office SOHO 1 SOHO 2 Public IP address: Client IP Pool: Cisco VPN

VPN Problems ASA 5505 to 7206 Router MM_WAIT_MSG2 Hi, I guess this usually means that the remote end doesnt reply to the initial message from initiator of the connection which in this case is the new ASA5505.

VPN Concentrator; Cisco IAD; Lightstream; Cisco - Other; Cisco Memory Adapter; Cisco Equipment > Cisco Routers > Cisco 7000 Series > Cisco 7200 Series. Showing 0 • Tunnel-less VPN services – The solution containing a Cisco 7201 as a key server, a Cisco 7206 at the hub site, and an integrated services router (ISR) in the branch supports Cisco Group Encrypted Transport (GET) VPN to satisfy federal or industry regulations requiring confidential communications. With Cisco's announcement at Interop Las Vegas on Monday, the 7200 can be upgraded to include the new Cisco 7200 Network Processing Engine (NPE-G2), the Cisco 7200 VPN Services Adapter (VSA), and the Cisco 7200 Port Adapter Jacket Card to securely aggregate routing at optical carrier-3 (OC-3) and gigabit Ethernet speeds.

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Providing MPLS layer2/layer3 VPN services Responsible for configuring Cisco 6260 DSLAM, PARADYNE HOTWIRE 8280 DSLAM, Siemens/Alcatel DSLAMs, Cisco ATM Switch and other DSL CPEs of Aztec, Speed Touch Alcatel, Paradyne, Zoom, Configuration of Cisco 7206, 7204, 7301, 7609 series routers as BRAS with Gig Ethernet for PPPOE aggregation & Termination.