Sep 17, 2018 · Tomato is a lot simpler to configure than DD-WRT, but you still have to pay attention to which files you download to use during the process. Get 70% off NordVPN (drops the price down to $3.49 per month)

Download AdvancedTomato router firmware for your Tomato supported router. Fortunately, the steps to switch from Tomato to DD-WRT on your NETGEAR router are virtually the same as above, only you have to rename the DD-WRT firmware file to have a .TRX extension. Once you've renamed the file, head to the Administration tab, select the file you renamed, upgrade, perform the 30-30-30 reset, and you should be ready to go. Jun 14, 2019 · Tomato easily wins the battle when it’s a matter of DD-WRT vs Tomato, and not just because it gives you more features but because it serves your needs better in the modern-day world. Tomato’s real-time bandwidth monitoring, for instance, lets you record your bandwidth usage on either an hourly basis, weekly basis, or monthly basis.

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Mar 23, 2016 · We've done it with DD-WRT already, but if you're running tomato and want a network drive, its quite simple, follow along with this video and see for yourself. Ensure your router has a large enough The DD-WRT community is one of the major drives behind the project. Lots of supporters around the world are giving feedback on new versions and helping other users with issues that arise. At this place we also want to thank all the active members of the DD-WRT community that are actively supporting the project and the DD-WRT community. Internet routers running the Tomato alternative firmware are under active attack by a self-propagating exploit that searches for devices using default credentials.

DD-WRT = Features + quite easy to install and setup through web interface. Recommended for users who need a lot of control over the network (admins, engineers…). Tomato = Less features than DD-WRT but offers better stability, lightweight and overall performance. Setup is easiest through web interface.

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