"ARM® TrustZone® technology is a system-wide approach to security for a wide array of client and server computing platforms, including handsets, tablets, wearable devices and enterprise systems. Applications enabled by the qsee_is_ns_memory(cmd, cmd.len) returns true

Save the value x held by the secure code in the non-secure memory. next, Access the non-secure memory where the value x will be stored from the non-secure code. I want to do something like this, but after writing a value to non-secure memory with secure code, the value is not retained even if the memory is referenced from non-secure code. PrimeCell® Infrastructure AMBA™ 3 AXI™ TrustZone™ Memory 2. About the AXI TrustZone memory adapter The TZMA, TZMemAdapAxi , is an AMBA-compliant, SoC peripheral that is developed, tested, and licensed by ARM Limited. At SoC design time, it is unlikely that the relative requirements of on-chip secure versus non-secure RAM capacity are known. A SoC design Investigating ARM Cortex® M33 core with TrustZone

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TrustZone partitioning happens at the physical memory level, so the process-level parts of your question don't really apply. Note that Linux as the non-secure OS can't even see secure memory, so having virtual mappings for inaccessible addresses would be of little use; however the secure OS does have the ability to map both secure and non-secure physical addresses by virtue of the NS bit in TrustZone – Arm Developer TrustZone is used on billions of application processors to protect high-value code and data for diverse use cases including authentication, payment, content protection and enterprise. On application processors, TrustZone is frequently used to provide a security boundary for a GlobalPlatform Trusted Execution Environment. security - Use ARM TrustZone to prevent access to memory

TrustZone is one of many hardware features that can be used to build a “Trusted Execution Environment” (TEE), aiming to provide hardware and memory isolation of code and data from the rest of the operating system. Not all TEEs use TrustZone.

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