The 1973 Afghan coup d'etat took place on July 17, 1973 in Kabul, Afghanistan when forces led by then-army commander Lieutenant General Mohammed Daoud Khan overthrew the monarchy in a somewhat bloodless coup.At the time King Mohammed Zahir Shah was abroad receiving eye surgery and treatment for low back pain in Ischia, Italy.Daoud Khan was assisted by leftist Afghan Army officers and civil

THE COUP D’ETAT IN 1932 The long era of absolute monarchy was brought to a sudden end on June 24, 1932, by a bloodless coup d’etat engineered by a group of civil servants and army officers with the support of army units in the Bangkok area. The action was specifically directed against ministers of the conservative royal government and not against the person of the king. meaning in history: The Modern Coup D’état Mar 31, 2020 Coup d'Etat | The Next Step Wiki | Fandom

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Jul 09, 2017 Latest coup d’état attempt in Benin foiled Jun 30, 2020 The Coup D'état Against President Donald J. Trump: Meade

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The Coup d'Etat (pronounced koo-day-tah) is a special power given to a houseguest. It allows the holder to remove two nominees from the Nomination Block and replace them with two other houseguests (except for the Head of Household and the Veto holder). It is similar to the Diamond Power of Veto, except the holder can remove both nominees from the Block, as opposed to just one. The Coup d'Etat A coup d'état (/ ˌ k uː d eɪ ˈ t ɑː / listen (help · info); French: ), also known simply as a coup (/ k uː /), a putsch (/ p ʊ tʃ /), or an overthrow, is the illegal and overt seizure of a state by the military or other elites within the state apparatus.