Jan 17, 2020

With Sky Go Extra, you’re able to download your favourite recordings** to watch even when you’re offline, meaning you can carry hits like Chernobyl, Big Little Lies or Love Island with you wherever you go. SKY GO FEATURES: Depending on your TV subscription, you can: • Stream over a … Sky Go App | SKY Watch TV on the go! Sky Go lets you take your Sky content with you anywhere in New Zealand at no additional cost. It’s like having your Sky Box in your back pocket. Heading down to the Bach? The Sky Go app allows you to take your Sky content with you, so you never have to worry about missing live sports events, your favourite show or movies! Sky Go: Amazon.co.uk: Appstore for Android Stream on 1 device at a time (2 for Sky Go Extra subscribers, and 4 for Q Multiroom customers) Additional information After updating to the latest version of Sky Go, you will need to open the app with an internet connection in UK/Ireland to activate the device. If you open the app in 'Offline mode', you will not be able to playback your downloads.

Aug 02, 2017

Aug 02, 2017 · Free Sky Go Extra, so customers can download and watch Sky shows wherever and whenever they want. Sky Go can be registered on four devices and watched concurrently on two. Devices include phones, Jan 23, 2013 · The Sky Go Extra package isn’t providing a new service – it’s replacing the free downloads that were previously available, with a £5 subscription download service. If Sky Go Extra provided a download facility that was not previously available, your article discussion would be accurate.

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Jan 22, 2013 Sky Go: Sky's Catch-Up TV Service - Which? Sky Go Extra: The free package of Sky Go only allows you to use two registered devices at any one time, but you can pay to increase that to four registered devices with Sky Go Extra. This premium package, which also enables you to download content to watch offline (see below), costs £5 a month, but Sky Multiscreen customers get it for free. Guide to Sky Q Multiscreen: Everything you need to know Jan 17, 2020 What is Sky Mobile, how much does it cost and what is roll Jun 01, 2017