Guide: Automatic Sleep and Wake-up from any device

When I tell Windows to go to sleep, it will do so. However, it doesn't seem possible to wake it from sleep. While the screen backlight lights up, it remains black and blank, whatever input is given. The only way to get a functioning environment to return is to hard restart the computer holding down the power button. NUC7i7BNH screen does not wake up from sleep - Intel Community Re: NUC7i7BNH screen does not wake up from sleep Just to follow up, I am still having the issue with my HDMI monitor not being able to wake up, while only the USB-C monitor is able to. The 4664 graphics driver is the version I am running to prevent the "black flicker" problem. How to solve Windows 10 stuck in sleep mode Turn Off Fast Startup. Sometimes, it maybe the fast startup that makes Windows 10 stuck in sleep …

Windows 10 Does Not Wake Up From Sleep FIX - YouTube

You may experience the following issues on a desktop or a notebook computer that is running Windows 7 when you try to put the computer to sleep: The computer wakes immediately after you put it to sleep. The computer randomly or unexpectedly wakes after sleep. The computer does not go to sleep. Instead, it stays awake.

How To Set Windows To Automatically Wake Up From Sleep

Windows 7 not waking from sleep mode?